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Welcome to
My Very Own

Hey there, what's up? Thanks for stopping by! I am Markus Franz Charles Buhl and yes, that is my real name. Being half American does have its weird quirks. I am 26, I live in and love Berlin, I am a developer and motion designer and I love making music. I don't love talking about myself a whole lot though, so why don't you go explore my very own Berlin and see for yourself...


I love
All Types Of

I could spend ages describing the joyous adventure that is programming, that forensic search for pieces of the puzzle, the passionate torment of a bug hunt, that fuzzy feeling of zero compilation errors, oh how I could...
But I figure you didn't come and hang out here to read.
So I set up my old Pong Machine. Give it a shot!


I have
a few things
to show you

Most of my work experience is in the field of motion design. Be it filming, editing, animating in 2D/3D, or even sound effects production, I have many times had the opportunity to prove myself adept in the magical world of motion graphics.

  • Udo J├╝rgens "Der Mann ist das Problem" official Video
  • Universal Music Group Vertriebsvideo 2013
  • Josie (Bachelor Thesis Project)
  • Showreel 2011/2012


Why don't
you write me
a few words

Yeah so that's me. So, like, if you want to hire me now or do a project or just hang out and talk about Adventure Time, write me an email or give me a call. Actually I really hate phones. So, don't call.

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